Our Clients

Paris Hilton

Known internationally as a woman of taste and luxury, Paris Hilton has turned her fame into a lucrative fashion empire. Volition helped Paris launch her fashion and fragrance lines to audiences around the world. 


Calum Best

Calum has been a bad boy since the day he was born. When he's not modeling for Calvin Klein he's often seen on TV's Celebrity Big Brother. We help coordinate his press and charity appearances.

Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street)

Jordan has turned his life around since the Wolf of Wall Street days and is now a successful author and public speaker. We've helped him produce tours, sell tickets, attract press, and more as he grows his brand.


Kathy Hilton

Perhaps best known as the matriarch of the Hilton family, Kathy is an avid philanthropist and is constantly finding ways to use her fame and fortune for good causes. Volition works closely with Kathy to coordinate her charitable engagements.